About D-TECH

Shanghai Hua Mao was established in 2003, mainly engaged in VOC waste gas treatment. The equipment specifications, not only in accordance with customer needs, careful engineering design, construction and manufacturing, and can meet the environmental laws and regulations, affordable and efficient, for the industrial production environment and the Earth’s ecological protection to do a hard.Customers include domestic and foreign well-known semiconductor manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical plants, electronics factory, lithium battery factory, TFT / LCD plant.Major customers are: TSMC, CLP Panda, INTEL, Huaxing photoelectric ......


Project performance

2017 Major items:
Dalian Intel 3 sets of ROTOR + TO system   240000CMH
Chengdu Panda 15 sets of ROTOR + RRTO system  850000CMH
Nanjing TSMC 7 sets of ROTOR + TO system   700000CMH
2016 Major items:
Putian Huajia Choi 8 sets of ROTOR + RTO system 2520000CMH
Suzhou silicon 2 sets of ROTOR + RTO system  144000CMH
Tianjin Samsung 4 sets of RRTO system   249000CMH



The system mainly provides ceramic fiber as the substrate coated with highly hydrophobic zeolite as the adsorbent of the wheel adsorption enrichment device can be a very low source concentration of exhaust gas concentrated 10-20 times, and then by the rotary valve regenerative Oxidation of a furnace, the concentration of exhaust gas after the oxidation of carbon dioxide and water. The clean gas after combustion is combined with the clean gas after the suction of the rotor and discharged through an exhaust pipe. More