D-tech environmental protection and energy conservation Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1979, the first company in Taiwan to invest in the processing of VOCs (volatile organic gases) in the semiconductor industry, the development of process waste gas treatment and pollution prevention and control equipment. (Especially below 40 ℃) dehumidification, energy-saving air-conditioning equipment, and gradually developed full heat, significant heat exchanger, special dry room, Clean Room, energy-saving equipment and environmental protection projects; franchise engineering design and construction and Foreign product agent marketing. In recent years to actively develop
the core technology to obtain a number of patents, and long-term with Europe, the United States, Japan advanced manufacturers to introduce new technologies and new product marketing. The equipment specifications, not only in accordance with customer needs, careful engineering design, construction and manufacturing, and can meet the environmental laws and regulations, affordable and efficient, for the industrial production environment and the Earth's ecological protection to do a hard The Customers include domestic and foreign well-known semiconductor manufacturing plants, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, lithium battery manufacturers, TFT / LCD ... So far has nearly a hundred sets of domestic and international performance, accounting for Taiwan's exhaust gas and air treatment equipment market more than half. In addition, it has also invested in the design and manufacture of organic wastewater treatment equipment (ITRI); and the introduction of the Japanese water pipe purification technology and soil to the rehabilitation technology, to provide diversified and all-round purification services. To reduce the cost of waste treatment and to avoid secondary pollution, since 2000, Chinachem in Longtan Corporation set up materials development research department, actively engaged in a variety of waste gas adsorption material formula, regeneration and recycling development, the establishment of local products Production and processing capacity. In addition, long-term and domestic research and academic units to establish a good relationship of cooperation, making products can continue to innovate, among the same industry leader.