VOC enrichment unit is equipped with Western technology has accumulated 30 years of honeycomb wheel manufacturing technology and a variety of functional materials coating technology and manufacture of high-performance condensate flow channel, and become VOC pollution air enrichment device core.
The use of adsorbents with excellent hydrophobic molecular sieves or activated carbon as adsorbents can provide sufficient performance over a wide range of VOC types and operating conditions.
The use of hydrophobic molecular sieve, the use of non-flammable, high heat resistance can be regenerated under high temperature conditions. Therefore, when activated carbon is used, it is possible to treat the high boiling point V O C which can not be handled due to the regeneration temperature limitation.
Hydrophobic molecular sieves can be efficiently treated even with high heat polymerizable styrene and cyclohexanone.
The concentrated portion of the heart is due to sintering at high temperatures and is completely inorganic. If the cell channel is blocked, it can be washed. In addition, the molecular sieve channel can also be activated according to the actual situation through heat treatment activation of high temperature (option, need to be agreed in advance).

Automatic continuous operation system VOCs exhaust gas can be continuously into the wheel adsorption treatment, without frequent downtime to replace the adsorbent or intermittent regeneration adsorbent, more environmentally friendly requirements.
High performance hydrophobic zeolite adsorption, solvent adsorption capacity, exhaust gas concentration within the design range, the purification efficiency can be maintained at 95% or more.
PLC chain control, the wheel part of the N2 automatic spraying (Chinese patent) and fire water automatic spraying device, the system abnormal or stop, to prevent the risk of running people smoldering. Install two separate detectors on the abandoned side outlet, measure whether the temperature gradient of the outlet temperature is normal, and inform the control room of the control room. If a group of unusual engineers need to immediately go to the scene to understand the situation, there is an abnormal signal is the head of the valve automatically open, water cooling. If there is a risk of N2, the vulcanization of the safety zone will flow into the tank, reducing the O2 content to a choking safe state. N2 can be provided by the factory piping or equipment or equipment near the cylinder.
The equipment is shipped to the site for installation and construction. A set of equipment design space is small.
System noise is low and meets regulatory requirements. Suitable for high boiling point exhaust treatment: wheel washing is not easy or can not be desorbed high boiling point VOCs exhaust, accumulated in the flow surface of the high boiling point compounds can be automatically cleaned and 300 ℃ high temperature removal, rapid recovery of wheel suction.